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    Acceptance Versus Change

    Acceptance Versus Change

    It is important to accept yourself fully, just as you are, even when you have the desire to change.  

    All of us yearn for change. Change has been a natural product of our evolution. We continuously seek something new, something fresh. something better. As a therapist I value a client’s desire for change as it is essential in therapy. If you want to change something in your life, I applaud you.

    However, we must also fully accept ourselves exactly as we are, in the present moment. I encourage you to observe yourself as you are right now with compassion. Remove judgments of yourself and acknowledge where you have been and what you are going through.

    When you are able to balance acceptance and change, you are Walking the Middle Path. If you observe that you are too far on one end of this spectrum, a good plan of action is to simply stop and BREATHE.

    Lauren Holly, LPC is a therapist at Northland Behavioral Health & Wellness. Read more about Lauren here and Like her Facebook Page here.  

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