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    Want to Relax in Just a Matter of Minutes?

    Want to Relax in Just a Matter of Minutes?

    Want to relax in just a matter of minutes? This daily exercise will not only provide you with immediate relaxation, your results will get better and better each time you use it!

    Try this technique for 3­4 minutes before bedtime:

    Step 1. Make the “okay” sign putting your thumb and forefinger together.

    Step 2. Close your eyes.

    Step 3. Breathe in and mentally say to yourself “Re”.

    Step 4. Breathe out slowly and mentally say “Lax”.

    Step 5. Repeat!

    The next time you find yourself in a stressful situation such as heavy traffic, a job interview, or you’re running a little

    late… Just make the okay sign! After some practice, your brain will begin to associate the okay sign with relaxation.

    Your physiology will begin to calm down and you will be better able to focus. I hope this helps; it certainly helps me!

    Lauren Holly, LPC is a therapist at Northland Behavioral Health & Wellness. Read more about Lauren here and Like her Facebook Page here.  

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