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    Steve Daily: 5 Tips for Increasing Mental Strength

    Steve Daily: 5 Tips for Increasing Mental Strength

    1. Get enough exercise to better manage emotions. Some authorities advise adults to exercise 150 minutes a week. Exercising for thirty minutes five times a week would enable a person to meet that goal. Walking is one of the easier and less expensive ways to exercise. If you have health issues consult your physician before doing rigorous exercise.

    2. Get sufficient sleep. Most people require around eight hours of sleep a night. Sleep can be improved by going to bed and getting up at the same time each day. Getting 30 minutes of bright outdoor light on a daily basis can improve one’s sleep. Persons with seasonal depression benefit from using a light box that gives off 10,000 LUX for 30 minutes each morning to help solidify their sleep.

    3. Maintaining a healthy glucose level also improves one’s mental strength. Research studies have shown that low glucose levels often deplete one’s willpower. Eating healthy foods with sufficient protein helps persons to maintain a healthy level of mental strength for a longer period of time.

    4. Limiting negative thinking and rumination improves mental strength. Just noticing one’s negative thinking is the first step to correcting it. Asking the question, “Is this belief based on fact?” can be helpful in identifying irrational thoughts. When our thoughts are not based on solid evidence, they can be very misleading and create a lot of emotional pain for us. Learning to replace irrational thoughts with more rational and healthy thoughts is valuable. Talking with others who are supportive and reasonable is also helpful.

    5. Making time to have fun also builds mental strength. Persons who are constantly working often deplete their mental strength and can become grumpy. When persons are aware of their personal needs, they can make time to recharge their battery by engaging in activities that are enjoyable. Taking a pleasant walk, playing a game, and socializing with friends are just a few of the countless activities healthy persons do to have fun and to give their mental strength a boost.

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