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    Bobbers and Sinkers

    Bobbers and Sinkers

    Steve Daily, MS, Psychologist has written a poem called, “Bobbers and Sinkers” describing the benefits of surrounding oneself with positive people and removing self from critical people.

    In life there are two types of people-

    bobbers and sinkers.

    Bobbers are persons who listen and encourage

    while sinkers are just stinkers.

    Sinkers always look for the worst in others

    and skillfully bring it out.

    They judge, blame, manipulate with guilt,

    and scream and shout.

    Sinkers themselves feel so low they never wish

    to see another rise,

    So their negative outlook and harsh criticism

    are of little surprise.

    Bobbers are the people I truly want to

    hang around,

    Because acceptance and good humor

    in them abound.

    No matter how discouraged and frustrated

    you may feel,

    Bobbers lift you up with encouragement

    that is genuine and real.

    Unless you want to sink to the bottom and

    settle into mire,

    I suggest you seek out bobbers – affirming

    persons you admire.

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